After-sales promise:

1, my company product to sell a one year free warranty, life-long service commitments.

2, the company is responsible for the equipment on-site installation and debugging. Ensure equipment is in accordance with customer demand for processing production, the factory for new products.

3, need to installation and debugging equipment, our company send the installation personnel or technical personnel on-site commissioning, and provide specific training to the buyer's technical personnel, for normal operation and operation of the equipment.

4, does not require installation and debugging equipment, the factory equipped with manual, company publicity materials, maintenance card, certificate of approval and installation materials.

5, quality assurance one year + lifelong maintenance + tailored + long-term tracking service is for the company's service tenet, with a number of technical comprehensive engineering and technical personnel for customers to solve technical problems. The company provide installation, maintenance, training, technical consulting and other pre-sale after sale of one-stop services.